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The first time I saw psychosis was in my adored friend Arnold, who seemed to be balanced and very clever. He was 23 years old when he suddenly started to hit his sisters and break everything in his bedroom. Subsequently, he underwent electroshock therapy.

I was in Greece after I spent 6 months in the USA. When I came back to Brazil, I saw him in a clinic. He had lost his conscience forever. This case shocked me very much! I didn't' follow the development of his psychological disease, and when I came back to my country meeting him was the worse meeting of my life!

Arnold was treated by a psychiatrist for 5 years and after this period, he committed suicide by jumping from his 14th floor apartment. At this time, I was in Greece studying the meaning of the dreams according to the method of the psychiatrist Carl Jung. On the day that he committed suicide, I dreamt of seeing the Earth from a distance and a voice told me that someone was looking for the elixir of life.

He couldn't find it though...

I continued Carl Jung's research into the unknown region of the human psychic sphere through dream interpretation and discovered the anti-conscience, the primitive, wild and evil human conscience that has not transformed like the human conscience and tries to provoke craziness to the human conscience.

On 1989 I met a young lady who was psychotic; she was a friend's niece. She suffered this psychosis for 20 years and was not as young as she appeared to be. In the beginning she was very aggressive with me, but later she started to accept me because she was my son's friend.

She would come to her uncle's house where my son and I were spending the summer vacations and play with him like a kid with the ball, fall in the floor and behave as if she was only 5 years old like my son.

With time, she became my friend, but she never talked with me about anything serious. Only after 6 years, she opened her heart to me and told me what had happened with her in the past that was responsible for her psychic disease.

I wrote 2 poems for her, explaining my conclusions after examining the content of the human psychic sphere and after learning the wisdom of the unconscious (These are the two first poems of my ebook Wisdom). The unconscious produces the dreams in order to cure us from the craziness we already inherit in our psychic sphere, since the biggest part of it belongs to our wild conscience.

Four years later, after the psychotherapy I provided her, she was much better and she travelled with my son and me to Brazil. It was the first time in her life that she dared to go so far without being accompanied by her parents. Of course, we had her uncle's support, since he is Greek and often visits Greece, although he lives in Brazil. He helped us a lot!

However, I can say that my psychotic friend didn't provoke any problems for me. Her behaviour during this trip was excellent! I realized that if she would live with me and have my guidance I would perhaps be able to cure her completely...

However, when she came back to Greece, to her usual life, she started behaving as she did before and I couldn't be responsible for her, she had to continue living with her parents.

She is much better now, but not as much as she could be if she received the proper guidance all the time. At least she has a behaviour according to her age and she is able to work and talk normally with anyone when she wants to.

My conclusions after 13 years of treating her were very important and the result I observed in her personality is very encouraging.

Psychotic patients can be cured and their human conscience can be partially resurrected while schizophrenic patients cannot recuperate any part of their human conscience once they lose it. Schizophrenic patients can only be able to understand the meaning of their actions, without human sensitivity.

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