How To Get What You Deserve By Right

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How To Get What You Deserve By Right


Have you seen the "Kill Bill" trilogy by Tarantino? I sincerely recommend to those who have not yet seen it, to see it and derive inspiration there from. In brief, without ruining the movie for you, the heroine who is played by the lovely Uma Thurman, goes on a revenge journey against everyone who has done her wrong, according to a list she made the moment she recovered from a serious head injury. At the head of the list is Bill. This was the short description of the movie.

 Following my recovery in recent years and reaching an even better condition than before, I decided to go on a journey to restore my honor. I made a list of all the people who have been cruel to me, have harassed me and done me wrong during my difficult years. I began to act according to the list, just as in the movie. I went from body to body, person to person and began to act to restore my honor and my rights which had been harmed, and which were rightfully owed to me.

 Among the bodies set forth in my list, is a large insurance company which caused me grave injustice - I will tell of the injustice only in a few words - the company refused my request to cancel the life insurance which I had paid to my ex-wife as part of purchasing our joint house. Despite the fact that we were already divorced, the insurance company refused to cancel my payment to her, noting various and strange claims. All this was in the year 2003 and since, at that time, I was without the protections I have today, I gave into them and did not fight for my right. Every month the monthly payment would be deducted from my credit card, and I felt like a knife was stabbing my heart.

 Not only that, but in addition I would receive an annual report of the payments I had made to the insurance company, with the name of my divorcee displayed at the top of the page - the knife was turning in my heart. A few months ago I approached the insurance company, and this time demanded that they cancel the order. After an examination which lasted a number of hours and after sending a number of faxes in which I made it clear that my case would reach the media and would not go by silently, the insurance company agreed to return to me that which was owed to me retroactively the entire amount which had accumulated over the past four years.

 They also took the trouble to inform me that they are doing so beyond the letter of the law and not because I really deserve it.

 And thus I took upon myself a number of additional projects in which I was determined to restore my honor, even if only for the principle appearing in the movie - to kill Bill, the one who has done you wrong, do not give up and pay him back One of the projects, for example, was to demand, again by right owing to me, the exemption certificate owing to me for serving the country as a commander in the military reserves for many years and for being released due to my injury and not because I was a shirker. Even more so, I tried to return and volunteer in the military reserves, but I was told that because of my mental injury, I could not.

 The situation is so absurd, that when I first contacted the injury commander of my unit and asked what appeared on her computer, she replied that it shows I am hospitalized. Of course I burst out laughing and replied "If it appears that I am hospitalized for so many years, why did no one bother to check up on what has happened to me?".

 After a number of years of repeated correspondence, commanders were changed, soldiers were released, Zion was redeemed, the days of the Messiah arrived and I was invited to a ceremony to receive my certificate of exemption from military reserves. When I asked the personal affairs non-commissioned officer who invited me to the ceremony - "why did you not previously invite me?", she said she read my file and my story probably fell between the chairs.

 I did everything within my power not to be listed in the statistics of the head of the military department of human resources as a military reserves shirker.

 This is how I acted and continue to act. Everyone who had caused, is causing or will cause me injustice - I will pay back, from a point of strength and empowerment, as one who has stared death in the fact and is no longer afraid of anything.

 Somebody smart once said "with ruse you shall cause yourself a war", and therefore these wars need to be done intelligently, creatively and assertively and with no violence whatsoever.

 The moral of this entire story which I endow upon all the participants of the lectures I give, is - do not let anybody tread on us and do us harm because we are weak. Be assertive, demand what you deserve even if it concerns issues of principle. As one who has learnt to fight and has fought the fiercest enemies of the State of Israel, I have understood that in our country, you must continue to fight for the right to live with honor and receive what you deserve.

 Stand up for yourselves and don't give up!


Written by Ronen David

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