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How To Get Mental Support Through The Internet


No one could have imagined 20 years ago, when the internet was just starting, that it would become the most available, widespread and largest information provider existing today. From year to year, the world becomes a small global village reducing and even eliminating the geographic borders between countries.

 a Person seeking mental support today has the possibility of being assisted by this gigantic medium with never ending possibilities.

 The mental support on the internet is so available, that you can receive it almost at any place and time in the world. It does not matter if you are sitting at home, or in a coffee house and equipped with a regular computer or a laptop, the spreading of wireless internet allows access to the internet from almost any place on the globe.

 Today people can exchange conventional treatment in which they would meet with a psychologist and lay on his couch, with an alternative way of being online the internet.

 I will divide the possible support systems from the most available to the least available.


Support through a chat:

 The chat is the internet version of a normal conversation. It is possible to insert messages, whether you are writing in an open chat room where everyone can see and respond to what is being said or whether it is a private one-on-one conversation without the possibility of the rest of the chat room members, to view what is being said between those chatting privately.

 The response is quick, the conversations are usually shallow with short and immediate messages. The chat allows to receive instant mental aid and assistance, from almost any person we contact in this way. Anonymity is kept, and this is true to all the methods, so long as a person chooses not to reveal his private details such as his personal name (he may use a nickname), place of residence, phone numbers and so on.

 This method has disadvantages such as the usual lack of ability and patience to reach deep places in the conversation, as well as the need for immediate satisfaction of mental needs. It is also possible to find chats with professionals on the internet in which psychologists or psychiatrists will chat with you and give you an answer to your problems.


Support through forums:

 Today on the internet we can find forums regarding almost any topic which we can think of. From taking care of cats, to astrology and formative swimming and of course forums specializing in everything to do with mental help and support.

 The forum managers are usually professionals in the field or do it as a hobby, but this is not always the case. The forum members are people like you and I who find the same main common denominator for which the specific forum was established.

 Despite the lack of secrecy, the forum creates a sense of home, intimacy and exclusivity between the forum members, even when it is open to the general public, and all internet surfers can read and participate. The forum is a permanent place, based on a combination of chat and email. You can correspond with people in real time, in other words in synchronization, but you may also respond to messages written in the forum at a later time. These possibilities are derived from its unique structure, based on the 'catalogue tree'.

 That is to say, the messages on the forum are designed hieratically, and you may reply to any main message, and then later respond to any additional response without limit, and thus is created a structure of a 'tree' with many branches, where each branch represents a discussion of a certain issue that appears in the headline of the first message. All the messages on the forum are saved, and you may read them again at any time.


Support through electronic mail or messaging:

 There are many sites on the internet that allow its pre-registered users to transfer private messages between them, in such a way that the messaging system is similar in its possibilities to a regular emailing system.

 The electronic mail system allows correspondence between people almost without any dependency on time factor. At any time a person can decide to read and/or respond to an email he has received, even if the other person is not in front of the computer at that moment.

 You may also attach different files such as pictures, movies or website links to the email. The email actually replaces the traditional letter in many ways and almost every computer in the world enables sending. This method is not very suitable for those looking for an instant response because of the above mentioned reasons.

Written by Ronen David

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