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Coping with Stress

Is stress Bad?

Stress is a positive and motivating force that energizes you towards your goal. This is called Eu stress.

But when the demands on your life outweigh your ability to cope, stress can be destructive and produce negative effects. This is called Distress.

Too little stress is bad for productivity, as people then tend to do their work slowly and inefficiently. But too much stress is also bad, as it causes anxiety,panic and even suicidal tendencies, in the worst cases.

The art is to find the Right amount of stress that will motivate you to perform at your optimum level.

What exactly is stress?

Stress is not the pressure from external source as nasty customers,tight deadline or demanding bosses. These are called stresses.

Your response to the stresses is called stress.

Stress is your reaction to help yourself adjust to various situations.Stress occurs when there is a substantial imbalance between the environmental demand and your response capability.

Types of stress

There are threes types of stress.

Acute stress arises from natural disaster and crises. It is short term,such as examinations,arguments,injuries and illnesses.

Chronic stress is the accumulation of small things that border you,such as the noise level at work.

Specific sensitivities are events that have negative effects on some person more than others,such as fears of particular situation and phobias.

There are four main perceived threats,namely to your:

  • psychological self-such as perfectionism,criticism and failure;
  • physical self-such as being mugged,living in unsafe areas areas and visiting dentists;
  • environments- such as loneliness,lack of privacy,aging,poverty and insufficient sleep;and
  • social relationship-such as new boss,new customers and new subordinates.

Sign of stress

When you are under stress,one or more of the following might happen:

  • difficulty in concentrating and making decisions;
  • frequent forgetfulness;
  • negative self-critical thoughts;
  • distorted ideas;
  • more rigid attitudes;and
  • increased sensitivity to criticism.

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